Perplexity AI: Rising Star in AI Industry Set to Secure Funding at a Significantly Higher Valuation

The AI startup, gaining attention in Silicon Valley, is preparing to secure new funding. Investors are interested in backing its mission to rival industry leaders such as OpenAI and Google

Forget about AI Hype, This Time Crystal Is More "Cool." Can We Time Travel With This?

German scientists have made a breakthrough in quantum physics by creating a time crystal that challenges traditional views of matter

The Environmental Impact of Water Consumption by Microsoft's Goodyear Data Center on AI Operations

Concerns have been raised about a Microsoft data center in Goodyear, Arizona, using a large amount of the town's water supply for its cloud computing and AI operations

Researchers have devised a method to improve the mathematical abilities of LLM

Latent mathematical capability within LLMs can be unlocked through careful fine-tuning, says researchers

Google Unleashes Cutting-Edge Open Source Language Models Introducing Gemma-7B and Gemma-2B

Google has released two advanced open source language models, Gemma-7B and Gemma-2B, with parameter sizes of 8.5 billion and 2.5 billion respectively

The Impact of AI on Grading in Education: Balancing Efficiency and Educational Integrity

Utilizing AI for grading transforming assessment methods and redefining educator roles in the educational landscape

Google Unveiled a Substantial Overhaul to its Spam Polices, Cracking Down AI Generated Junks

Google wants to combat the influx of low quality content saturating its search results


robot ai

OpenAI aims to enhance the intelligence of a humanoid robot capable of walking and talking

According to Brett Adcock, the founder of Figure, a new collaboration with OpenAI could enable their robots to engage in conversations and improve by learning from their errors gradually


3D render of AI and GPU processors

Funding Frenzy Unleashed at Anthropic: Inside the Billion-Dollar AI Revolution

Over the past year, the company secured $7.3 billion in funding, driven by the growing impact of artificial intelligence on deal-making in Silicon Valley