Rising Trend of Burglars Using WiFi Jammers to Disable Home Security Systems

Exposing the threat of wifi jammers: a growing concern in modern home security systems and the need for vigilance

Google introduces a $5 million prize to discover practical applications for quantum computers

Current quantum computers can outperform regular computers in solving certain problems, yet these problems lack practical applications. Google and XPRIZE aim to challenge this

AWS to Purchase Data Center Campus Utilizing Nuclear Energy

Talen Energy Corp. has sold its Cumulus data center campus, near a Pennsylvania nuclear power station, to Amazon Web Services

Blue Origin is ramping up efforts towards the development of a spacecraft

The company is working on creating hardware for New Glenn, like the Blue Ring transfer vehicle, to transport satellites into specific orbits

Apple has introduced new models of the MacBook Air in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes

The new MacBook came with the M3 chip, compatibility with two external displays, and improved Wi-Fi speed

Google Announces One of the Biggest Chrome Updates Thus Far

Google has introduced new features in Chrome aimed at enhancing Suggestions

Is Your Phone Screen Protector Obsolete?

Screen protectors are becoming less necessary as phone glass becomes increasingly stronger