X Confirms Video Calls Coming Soon as Part of Transformation into “Everything App”

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X Corp.X, formerly known as Twitter, has announced its plans to introduce video calls as a new feature on its platform. This announcement was made by CEO Linda Yaccarino during her first TV interview since joining the company in June. Yaccarino mentioned that users will soon be able to make video chat calls without sharing their phone numbers with others on the platform.

This development is part of X Corp.X’s larger vision to transform into an “everything app.” In addition to video calls, the company also plans to offer long-form videos, creator subscriptions, and a payment system. Andrea Conway, a designer at X, hinted at this upcoming feature in a recent social media post, which suggested that the calling feature is currently in active development.

The transformation of Twitter into an everything app was initially proposed by the company’s owner, Elon Musk. Musk envisions a platform where users can not only subscribe to their favorite creators and watch videos but also express their thoughts in lengthy 25,000-character posts, send payments, and potentially store cash in high-yield savings accounts. X Corp.X has been making rapid progress towards these goals, such as opening its revenue-sharing program with global creators and adding support for longer videos.

In her interview, Yaccarino expressed her support for Musk’s vision of an everything app and stated that she joined the company with the understanding that this transformation was the ultimate goal. She clarified her role within X Corp.X, explaining that Musk primarily focuses on product design and technology development, while she is responsible for running the company and overseeing areas such as partnerships, legal matters, sales, and finance.

The addition of video calls to the X platform signifies the company’s commitment to expanding its services and providing users with a more comprehensive social networking experience. By allowing users to make video chat calls without sharing personal phone numbers, X Corp.X aims to enhance privacy and convenience for its users.

This new feature aligns with X Corp.X’s recent efforts to diversify its offerings and attract a wider user base. The company has been actively pursuing partnerships with creators and advertisers, as well as exploring opportunities in supporting musicians and artists. The acquisition of the @music handle further indicates X Corp.X’s interest in expanding its presence in the music industry.

As X Corp.X continues to evolve into an everything app, users can expect further updates and enhancements to the platform. With Yaccarino leading the company’s operations and Musk driving innovation in product design and technology, X Corp.X is poised to deliver a more immersive and multifaceted social networking experience for its users.