Digital Currency Group Close to Selling CoinDesk Media Company to Investor Group, Valued at $125 Million

In a significant development within the crypto media landscape, CoinDesk - the media arm of Digital Currency Group - is reportedly on the brink of a change in ownership. The new investor group steering this transaction is led by two prominent figures in the crypto industry: Matthew Roszak, the founder of Tilly Capital and Bloq Inc., and Peter Vessenes, a partner at venture-capital firm Capital6.

The details of the deal remain confidential, with the source of the information choosing to preserve their anonymity. Nonetheless, the proposed enterprise value of this transaction is estimated to hover around a staggering $125 million. The exact sale price, however, remains undisclosed.

This potential change in ownership marks a significant shift for CoinDesk, a major player in the crypto media space, and certainly a story to keep an eye on. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.