Malaysian Data Scientist Wins Top NASA Space App Challenge 2023, Represents Malaysia Internationally As Global Nominee

Astronaut Franklin R. Chang-Diaz works with a grapple fixture during extravehicular activity to perform work on the International Space Station


In an impressive feat, Malaysia's NASA Space App Challenge 2023 concluded with a local Malaysian data scientist named Tony, K.P. Yap emerging as one of the top winners and representing Malaysia as a global nominee to compete internationally.

The challenge, organized by NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration, US) and its space agency partners, attracted close to 600 participants from Malaysia and 57,999 participants from 152 countries worldwide who came together to tackle global challenges. This year also marks record-breaking history as the largest NASA space app challenge to date and one of the biggest hackathons in history.

The theme for this year's challenge, "Explore Open Science Together," emphasized collaborative efforts in advancing scientific exploration. The event was led by Yogeswaran, the local organizing lead for the NASA App Challenge, who is also a space flight engineer.

Tony Yap, a talented Malaysian data scientist and tech enthusiast, developed an artificial intelligence (AI) app that utilized space data and artificial intelligence to address the global challenge in space travel. The application served as a testament to Tony Yap's technical expertise and ability to bridge cutting-edge technology with real-world problems.

Tony will represent Malaysia on an international platform, competing against participants from 152 countries around the world. This achievement not only recognizes Tony's exceptional talent but also highlights Malaysia's growing prominence and interest in the field of data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and technology.

It is believed that the challenge will inspire other aspiring scientists and technologists to pursue their dreams and contribute to solving global challenges. Congratulations to Tony for this outstanding achievement, and we extend our best wishes as he represents Malaysia internationally in the NASA App Challenge 2023!