Zoom’s Game-Changing Patent: Elevating Note-Taking in Video Calls

zoom app on a phone depicting a news by generativeaitimes.com

Zoom is seeking a patent for a system called “dynamic note generation” during video calls. This system aims to make note-taking easier and more efficient for users.

Zoom recognizes that taking notes during a communication session can be challenging, especially when every moment of a lecture is important. The system allows users to capture previous snippets of meeting content by clicking on a “Take a Note” button. This feature enables users to access content they may have missed, such as a fast-moving PowerPoint slide.

In addition to saving clips from a meeting, users can request that a note be generated for a specific clip. They can also modify and annotate the generated notes, as well as categorize them into different sections like “observation,” “reference,” or “action item.” However, certain features may only be available to users with premium-tier business accounts.

While Zoom’s patent doesn’t explicitly mention AI, machine learning is likely involved in this note-taking system. The company already offers an AI companion service called Zoom IQ, which provides a general summary at the end of meetings, including action items. This patent suggests that Zoom may be expanding the capabilities of its AI-driven tools.

Zoom has been ramping up its AI efforts. They recently invested in Anthropic, an AI startup, and will integrate its chatbot into their platform. They also introduced Intelligent Director, an AI-powered feature that enhances video quality in hybrid meetings. Furthermore, Zoom filed a patent application for enhanced AI training systems.

Zoom faced criticism recently when it updated its terms of service to use customer data for AI training. After receiving backlash, the company reversed this decision and assured customers that their data would not be used for AI training purposes.